Selected Applications of Technology in the Pediatric Dermatology Office

The pediatric dermatologist is equipped with several diagnostic and therapeutic tools that
can be used in the office. The Wood’s lamp, introduced nearly a century ago, continues to
be a safe, noninvasive diagnostic tool used today for diagnosing cutaneous infections,
pigmentary disorders, and porphyrias. The pulsed dye laser is the treatment of choice for
vascular lesions and has an expanding list of other applications, such as warts, which are
extremely common in the pediatric population. Dermoscopy has emerged as an effective
adjunctive tool in the in vivo examination of pigmented skin lesions and early diagnosis of
cutaneous malignant melanoma. Other uses are also being explored including diagnosis of
scabies. Future directions of technology in the pediatric dermatology office include implementation
of electronic medical record systems and treatment of conditions such as
molluscum, warts, and acne vulgaris with photodynamic therapy.
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