Vol. 25. No. 2


In 1982, when the Food and Drug Administration approved injectable collagen for soft-tissue augmentation, the era of esthetic dermatology was born. In the decades that ensued, updates in esthetic dermatology largely consisted of new methods to cross-link bovine collagen or different methods of injecting it into various locations. When the Carruthers first reported the use of botulinum toxin for the treatment of dynamic rhytids in 1992, the next era of esthetic  dermatology was begun.

Medical Dermatology, Introduction

Francisco A Kerdel, BSc, MBBS

Dermatology as a specialty has a very significant and rich history. In today’s environment, procedural dermatology, be it surgical or cosmetic, has been in vogue, and many dermatologists, particularly in the United States, have embraced this addition to our field.


New Clinical Syndromes in Dermatology

Paolo Romanelli, MD | Navid Bouzari, MD

Dermatologists are in the unique position to be able to diagnose serious systemic diseases through skin findings; in addition, cutaneous manifestations can be associated with internal symptoms and clarify the pathogenesis and treatment of challenging new syndromes.