Lawrence F. Eichenfield

Guest Editor for the following articles:

Vol. 36. No. 3

Atopic dermatitis: skin care and topical therapies

Adam Friedman, MD | David Fleischer, MD | Jeffrey Bienstock, MD | Jenna Borok, BS | Jeremy Udkoff, MA | Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD | Megha M Tollefson, MD | Noreen Nicol, MS, RN, FNP | Peter Lio, MD
Vol. 36. No. 2

Nonpharmacologic Strategies and Topical Agents for Treating Atopic Dermatitis: An Update

Lawrence F. Eichenfield, MD | Linda Stein Gold, MD

The signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis can be safely and effectively controlled in most patients; in many cases, the disease can be improved to the point that signs and symptoms are absent or minimal. In addition, flares can be effectively controlled and, in some cases, prevented.

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Vol. 20. No. 4

Pimecrolimus (Elidel, SDZ ASM 981)– Preclinical Pharmacologic Profile and Skin Selectivity

Anton Stuetz, PhD | Maximillian Grassberger, PhD | Josef G Meingassner, DVM

The ascomycin macrolactam derivative pimecrolimus (Elidel, SDZ ASM 981; Novartis Pharma AG, Basel Switzerland) is a cell-selective inhibitor of inflammatory cytokines specifically developed for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, and plaque-type psoriasis.