Technological Bases for Teledermatopathology: State of the Art

Teledermatopathology can be defined as a telemedicine application related to histological
diagnosis of cutaneous specimens. Its development and implementation around the world
is very heterogeneous due to the wide range of existing geographical, social and healthcare
conditions. This paper reviews the technological bases for static (use of images generated
at one side, stored on a computer, and then transmitted to another site for a second
diagnosis) and dynamic teledermatopathology (interaction between an user located on a
remote area and a histological video image captured from a microscopy which allows
navigation across the slide) as well as for virtual microscopy.
The use of teledematopathology could increase the healthcare standard and the accessibility
to the health care system in developing countries. However, some limitations related
to economic, medico-legal and technical issues still remain, particularly when dealing with
inflammatory skin diseases.
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