Hospital Dermatology, Introduction


Hospital Dermatology, Introduction

Vol. 36. No. 1
Lindy P. Fox, MD

Inpatient dermatology is emerging as a distinct dermatology subspecialty where dermatologists specialize in caring for patients hospitalized with skin disease. While the main focus of inpatient dermatology is the delivery of top-quality and timely dermatologic care to patients in the hospital setting, the practice of hospital-based dermatology has many additional components that are critical to its success. Factors that must be optimized in one’s inpatient dermatology practice include integration of hospital consultations into one’s current dermatologic practice, interactions with both colleagues of other specialties and allied health professionals, and education and training of medical students, residents, and non-dermatologists. Furthermore, as there is often little available data in the form of randomized controlled trials that can guide dermatologists in the care of the rare conditions encountered in the hospital setting, it is incumbent upon those who do care for these patients to generate the academic work that provides such guidance.

Fox LP. Hospital Dermatology, Introduction. Sem Cutan Med Surg. 2017;36(1):1-2.